Solving Cures

How to cure your own problems by solving problems of others by creating a trustworthy friendship which will at the end help to spread a smile on everyone who is about to cry.


Enjoy the BENEFIT by making this HAPPEN

In my first blog it was on how to solve your problems by gaining the pleasure of listening to a problem of another & providing solutions to it which will give you a satisfaction  which you cannot get by any branded product you wear or food you have because its that feeling which come within your heart which makes you happy by seeing the happiness of the person who got the problem solved because of you. Which will at the end automatically just solve your problem which you never had an idea on how to solve.

I know any reader who have read my first article would not bother on testing it or trying it once but after reading this blog just try it for once & see what’s the feeling you get & contact me by dropping a message or buy a comment saying whether i was right or wrong or if you have any questions to clarify.

This was a hobby for me which took me a long way solving many of my friends’ problems which later ended up solving my own family problems & my relatives problems. Even though I was able to solve their problems i never was able to solve my problems, to be frank I really fall on my knees when I come across my own problems & think that everything is going against me.

This is my short story of how I started this when i was in problems & when i see & when I feel that one of my friends is in a problem as well I go to him & start speaking to him in a kind friendly manner where I will first get his trust so that he will be open to me on his problem. Then I will start asking him questions while answering in a manner which brings him some comfort & will relax his mind & where I also will give him solutions on how to solve the problem which he had. Once he get the solution & once he sought out his problem i do not want to tell you how he will feel as people we all suffer with many problems so once a problem gets a surprising solution how would you feel?.

The happiness which he get & also the facial expression & the gestures of happiness arising from the person whom i solved the problem solves my problem automatically showing me the solution on how to solve my own problem or by showing me the cause to my problem where I can correct it.

My dear readers in order to do this the first thing you need is the trust which you need to build with any person you need to help. As many things in life this also will not be fair for us because building up the trust to get at least one problem of a person out of their basket of problems would not be easy because people are scared to share their problems as society has become such a ruined place to live in where people get advantage out of another person’s problems or will keep on blackmailing that person. So because of this people have thought of having their problems to themselves without sharing.

But i think that’s the challenging part in this which is building the trust because building a friendship of true trust or a relationship with trust is something hard to achieve. So achieving something hard & then also helping that person will bring you additional satisfaction where you will be motivated with yourself. Which will give you a sense of achievement which you will never feel by doing anything else.

This is totally based on true experience which I need to put out to the world to make it a practice so try this make it work & experience this & get your problems solved & have a happy smiling face with less problems & the smile you get on your face will come along with a smile on another persons face which will be something you cant express.



Journey Begins

How to change your life to be a helpful character to others which will at the end help you to solve your own problems

Lets have a fresh Start to a Happy life.

From the day I can remember since the day I saw the world around me it was all problems where I had no solutions. During my small days it was problems at home which made my relations & friends suffer. As in every home i too had problems at home which had a great impact on me. My problems in my life started from there. This continued to the place where i recognized that its not only me but every person who i come across life for even a minute had a problem of their own which made them frustrated about their life. This made me come to the conclusion that every HUMAN BEING in the world had a PROBLEM

“Many people tend to behave in front of people as they have no problems but the truth is every person is a VICTIM of a problem of some pexels-photo-842554.jpegnature”






The significant point I saw in myself was I mind about others problems where other people do not mind others problems. I think about others problems & I had an interest in asking “whats the problem you have”¬† & I would be willingly listening to it & have a nice time understanding their feelings, pattern of thinking & different lifestyles. At the same time while listening to the problem or rather the story I make sure to think of a suitable SOLUTION for it for that person to overcome it & be free.

This kept on going which at the end turned out to be my HOBBY where I showed an interest in listening to others problems & providing them with solutions. Even though i was good at providing solutions for others problems I was never able to find a solution for my own problems once i had to face one.

The solution for my problems was the happiness the victim of a problem gets after getting a solution to his or her problem with the solution i suggest.

Dear readers the message I want to give you all after reading my Blog is “Lets have a fresh Start to a Happy life” by helping to solve others problems which they never saw a solution as such which at the end will help us to solve our own problems where we pexels-photo-757056had no SOLUTION