Journey Begins

How to change your life to be a helpful character to others which will at the end help you to solve your own problems


Lets have a fresh Start to a Happy life.

From the day I can remember since the day I saw the world around me it was all problems where I had no solutions. During my small days it was problems at home which made my relations & friends suffer. As in every home i too had problems at home which had a great impact on me. My problems in my life started from there. This continued to the place where i recognized that its not only me but every person who i come across life for even a minute had a problem of their own which made them frustrated about their life. This made me come to the conclusion that every HUMAN BEING in the world had a PROBLEM

“Many people tend to behave in front of people as they have no problems but the truth is every person is a VICTIM of a problem of some pexels-photo-842554.jpegnature”






The significant point I saw in myself was I mind about others problems where other people do not mind others problems. I think about others problems & I had an interest in asking “whats the problem you have”  & I would be willingly listening to it & have a nice time understanding their feelings, pattern of thinking & different lifestyles. At the same time while listening to the problem or rather the story I make sure to think of a suitable SOLUTION for it for that person to overcome it & be free.

This kept on going which at the end turned out to be my HOBBY where I showed an interest in listening to others problems & providing them with solutions. Even though i was good at providing solutions for others problems I was never able to find a solution for my own problems once i had to face one.

The solution for my problems was the happiness the victim of a problem gets after getting a solution to his or her problem with the solution i suggest.

Dear readers the message I want to give you all after reading my Blog is “Lets have a fresh Start to a Happy life” by helping to solve others problems which they never saw a solution as such which at the end will help us to solve our own problems where we pexels-photo-757056had no SOLUTION

Author: vithk

I want to make a world with HAPPY PEOPLE who will be there to help each other on their difficulties. Through my Writings I will be trying to convey people on how beneficial it will be to help one another.

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